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More about us…

With the benefit of being a music instrument ‘shopper’ ourselves for near 30 years, we have a good idea about the experience of shopping for instruments. We have demo’d synths in favourite shops, made significant purchases for a top shelf instrument with our hard earned money, talked about our studio wish list with the sales rep. (or anyone who would listen) and even pursued online purchases when the conditions were right.

We have lived the shopping experience of an electronic musician, and through our showroom believe we can offer the the right one for our customers. Personalised demonstration and total freedom to try before you buy, even an Opening the Box experience is offered!! Its a comfortable environment to try that bit of kit you have watched online for months!


In many cases, anyone entering the world of electronic music eventually shows interest in the electronics inside of their instrument. Its a natural instinct to consider the components that reside in your synthesiser as you tweak one or two settings of the circuit as you search for your desired sound. It is a fundamental of electronic music making.

With years of handling and using studio equipment, I have been accustomed to opening a non-working / functioning instrument and taking to it with basic diagnosis and soldering work. To my advantage, I have completed an advance soldering / fabrication certificate and have been fortunate enough to work by and witness great technical know how from local technicians, so there is some confidence when approaching electronics.

Follow out workbench tagline and see what we get up to from time to time.

Call for Mates Rates!!

We consider personal contact with our customers to be pivotal to our operation. Whether it be a visit to the showroom or a query through social media. Most importantly, we are always looking for repeat customers, they automatically qualify for our Mates Rates! where we offer the best price we can make available. We understand that doesn’t help those of you in regional area’s or interstate who may be interested in establishing ties with us, so we extend that offer to anyone making a phone call to our showroom! So here’s the deal, make the call, establish yourself as a repeat customer and Mates Rates are extended to you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to our Showroom!

The showroom at Circa Music and Instruments is the heartbeat of our operation.

With four months behind us since our open date, we are creeping closer to our idea of a drum machine and synthesiser store. We are a retail outlet with a fresh take on your electronic music equipment shopping experience. With a try before you buy attitude, our showroom is about making the right choice for your next drum machine, synthesiser or studio accessory in as comfortable environment as possible.

We function as a genuine retail store, accepting credit cards (VISA and Mastercard), cash and for website purchases, Paypal. We try to be competitive on price and are prepared to offer “mates rates” for return customers. Our personalised approach to retail is our point of difference to other music stores!

We encourage you all to visit the showroom or call on 08 84100484 and query any product you see on our website. We already enjoy the company of regular customers and cant wait to meet more.

We are open Tuesdays to Saturdays. See you in store soon!