Analog Four MKII

$2,199.00 inc. GST

The Analog Four embodies all that is good about the Elektron brand.

In fact, it is typically the instrument many have dreamed about in their formative years of electronic music production. The ability to drive four monophonic synths from a highly programmable step sequencer is just the ticket. and the Analog Four is all of that in a single desktop unit.

Now into it’s MKII range with some hardware improvements, it is a standout product in the spectrum of desktop instruments. Now with individual outs and some improvements in circuit design looking to enhance the bottom end, this is a formidable piece of kit.

With lead synths, mono bass and percussion instruments all achievable from a single unit, it easily provides as the core of sound design and music production. The poly synth feature of the MKII model also plays into the hands of those looking for a performance synth when connected to an external keyboard.

The Elektron catch cry of Digital Mind Analog Soul rings true. All that is great about digital technology giving you flexible parameter programming and all that is great about an analogue signal path are combined in a performance orientated desktop synth.

It is a workflow with minimal pit falls once you gain the Elektron mindset. We are spoilt for choice in the music production but there can only be few that rise above the rest as desirable instruments. No doubt the Analog Four achieves this!