Analog Keys

$1,999.00 inc. GST

We dont use the term “luxury item” too often, but we cant help but think of the Analog Keys as anything but.

Holding on to all that is great about the Analog Four, this model allows for Poly mode so you can allocate your voices to a four voice poly synth if desirable, which makes total sense given the addition of the keyboard. It also provides four individual outputs per voice. A nice touch, are the LED’s above each key which makes total sense when programming the sequencer and getting visual feedback as each LED lights above the key that is triggered in the sequencer.

The body of the Analog Keys is unique in it’s square like edging, so it has visual appeal. It stands out there on it’s own in the existing performance keyboard market. Boutique isn’t necessarily a word to best describe the Elektron product range, they have a more industrial feel about them, but boutique does suit the Analog Keys with its body / joystick form.

So here we have product that is more luxury than legacy at the moment and priced to entice anyone to make the difficult decision between a desktop version of the MK1 (very limited supply), MKII or this keyboard model. Either way, digital control, analogue voices, there is no loser!