Deepmind 12

$1,699.00 inc. GST

The Deepmind 12 is an analogue 12 voice polyphonic synthesiser. It keeps the building blocks of subtractive synthesis in the confines of the familiar faders and switches that were standard from Roland’s Juno poly-synths were in stores over 30 years ago.

This instrument goes beyond the scope of original consumer poly-synths synths with a spec. list of graphic display, elaborate FX, step sequencer and remote control from a tablet (WiFI). It allows for sound design on a simple level with room to expand to more complex textures with logical menu diving and or librarian on tablet.

In fact, we found that the textures unravel with ease and the selection of presets are a good example of potential for the instrument. Lush pads, mono basses and textured sound sculptures are all common output for the Deepmind 12.

The success of this instrument will be due to not re-inventing the wheel but placing a 12 voice analogue synthesiser in to a modern music making environment. It ticks plenty of boxes to find it’s way on the keyboard stand for the keyboard performer or beginner looking into sound design. It’s a great starting point when venturing beyond desktop modules and considering a performance synth.


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