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No doubt there are many drum machines that claim the title “KING” of the drums. We think the Digitakt is the new contender. In fact, we rate it as the perfect drum machine. It has an industrial feel that first and foremost gives it high appeal, secondly, it is not defined by any one sound, as it relies on samples for its sound source.

The potential to go deep on a drum machine is often limited by simple tone controls and limited step sequencing. the Digitakt does not have such limitations, each sample has it’s own filter, envelope shaping, overdrive and access to delay / reverb on a master FX buss. With it’s parameter lock feature, your filter movements or decay rates, for example, can be stored per step of your sequence. The results are dynamic drum patterns with instant recall as you play through your patterns.

Drum programming and sound editing aside, what sets this apart from the competition is it’s ability to force itself into the middle of your studio and be the hub for many musical parts with it’s own 8 track sequencer. Not content with it’s high definition drum programming, it can run your entire collection of mono / poly synths and other drum modules from it’s very small foot print. We call the Digitakt here at Circa Music and Instruments… KING!