$2,749.00 inc. GST

The show piece of our showroom, the Matrixbrute, sounds as good as it looks impressive. It’s sound is large with plenty of definition and while some of the presets highlight it can be an aggressive beast there is enough warmth to please vintage purists. There is no denying it’s vintage appeal with wood ends and ability to raise the front panel, giving it a Minimoog look, but there is certainly 30+ years of advancement under the hood.

We are always enthused by instruments that allow for those beginner skills on keyboards to still produce musical output, it is one trait that many electronic musicians posses. Here lies one of the Matrixbrute’s strongest feature. Musical output starts on your first key press and it was our first key press that we discovered the might of the Matrixbrute.

The grid in the centre of the front panel allows for preset selection, sequence programming / editing and patching of control sources to destinations, it doesn’t take long for the music and sound design to start, even for the novice.

It’s price suggests investment, but we think that is returned very quickly with it’s short learning curve. It suits established keyboardists looking for a unique instrument for their leads, but at the same time we don’t think it is out of reach for a beginner who wants to synthesise and create music parts with limited ability.

The look and feel allude to complexity, but Arturia have thought this keyboard out extremely well and within an hour of use it’s simplicity hits home.

It may very well be a modern classic!