Octatrack MKII

$2,199.00 inc. GST

Some instruments are a breeze, or even intuitive enough, that you automatically turn the right dial or change the right setting and things fall into place, music happens.

There is no denying the Octatrack does not fall into the category! Not on your first attempt anyhow, as we have experienced for ourselves… but that is it’s draw card, it has a unique approach to music making that forces you into ‘a think different’ approach and reap the musical rewards when you do.

It is one of the few instruments where it’s user (who achieves musical output) gets to feel the accomplishment of controlling this hardware and be guaranteed of a nod of approval from fellow users. It’s a rite of passage for dedicated artists who commit to the instrument and master it’s potential.

We have witnessed two proficient users of this machine to know where it stands. Having seen it in the live environment to mix pre-recorded multi-track material and as part of an electronic music performance with duties extending to a Euro-rack system, it proves to be a flexible modern machine.

It is a unique sampler that maintains the traditional approach of step sequencing and uses the sequencer and configurable scene settings to manipulate your source material in real time.

The MKII gets a few refinements and picks up some hardware from the Digitakt. Their new switch selection and screen put their products into an elite group of desktop synth manufacturer. The Octatrack MKII model, certainly provides hardware status and envy of your mates!

Elekton themselves will tell you, it’s “more than a sampler”.

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