$1,379.00 inc. GST

A synthesiser? Drum machine, tape machine, sampler, FX unit… A toy…? all of the above…? yep!

The design aesthetics of the OP-1 is a stroke of genius. What sets it apart from other instruments is that the OP-1 “has” a sense of humour, testament to the occasional smile you will make while making music on this instrument.

The designers at Teenage Engineering obviously thought long and hard about how you would make their instrument an engaging experience from something that could easily be passed over as a luxury toy for synth and drum machine geeks….which it is, but then it is much more.

The visual feedback from the display is cheeky, full of colour, a bit 80’s retro and a whole lot future. There is a simplicity about it but covers some great cornerstones of synthesis, wave editing and tape recording. Fun arpeggios and an even more fun rhythm section. A fantastic simple 4 track tape feature gives you more retro vibe.

Besides all the retro comments I have made, you make new music with this device. It doesn’t fit in warm textures of analogue modelling, or typical drum machine programming. It pulls together an intentional lo-fi sound of a Casio portable keyboard, but nudging it just enough through access to fx, mixing, etc to make great tunes.

There is much more to be said about this unit but saying any more will take the fun away. Pop into the store power up our demo unit and put a smile on your face!